Tissue box - Tokreen

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Tissue box

We shall publish a step-by-step Tokreen project.
This will give you the opportunity to experiment with the application possibilities of Tokreen.



  • An old tissue box

  • Silk roses or any other decoration

  • T-shirt material

  • Tokreen black

  • Clear lacquer spray

  • Acrylic PVA paint: black

  • Metallic silver, copper & gold


  • To waterproof, paint the inside of the tissue box with three layers of Tokreen. Leave to dry.

  • Paint the outside of the box with two layers of Tokreen.

  • Cut the T-shirt material.

  • On the outside of the box paint the 3 rd layer of Tokreen and while still wet, starting from the front apply the   

      material to the sides, back and top of the box by ruffling the material. Paint over the material with Tokreen.

  • Paint the roses, leaves and top of the box with Tokreen and fix the roses to these glued areas. Leave to dry.

  • Turn the box over and paint the bottom of the box with Tokreen.

  • With black Acrylic PVA, paint the whole box, when dry, apply the metallic silver, copper & gold as shown on the


  • To finish the project , spray with clear lacquer spray.

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