Spade - Tokreen

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We shall publish a step-by-step Tokreen project.
This will give you the opportunity to experiment with the application possibilities of Tokreen.

Project:  Spade  


  • 500 ml black Tokreen

  • 1 x old spade

  • Hessian

  • Thick serviettes

  • Decorative material e.g. gecko, tortoise

  • Alphabet letters – wood or polystyrene

  • Nails

  • Chain   

  • Metallic paint:  Silver, gold & bronze

  • Tokreen Clear


  • Decide on the word that will be spelled on the shaft of the spade e.g. welcome, your surname or any other word, and measure it out to ensure the letters fit.

  • Paint the spade and the chosen alphabet letters with a layer of Tokreen and allow to dry.

  • Cut the hessian into strips of 10 x 50cm and also cut a piece of hessian that is large enough to cover the blade of the spade.

  • Dilute 100ml Tokreen with 50ml water and mix well in a plastic container.  Submerge the hessian in the mixture and ensure that it is completely covered with Tokreen.  Dry out all excess fluid.

  • Start at the handle of the spade and wrap the hessian strips around the shaft of the spade.  Cover the blade with the larger piece of hessian.  Allow to dry.

  • Stick the letters to the shaft by using Tokreen.  If the spade has a wooden shaft and you are using wooden letters, nail the letters in place.

  • Decorate the blade of the spade according to your own taste and style or follow our instructions as a guide.

  • Submerge 3 or 4 serviettes in the diluted Tokreen mixture, dry out all excess fluid and shape to form little mounds (rocks).  Attach to the blade with Tokreen.

  • Use Tokreen to glue the gecko or tortoise in place on top of the serviette rocks.

  • Complete the scene by gluing dried seeds or plant material, which was dipped in the diluted Tokreen mixture, around the "rocks".

  • When satisfied with your composition, paint the spade with 2 layers of undiluted Tokreen, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next.

  • Paint the letters gold with silver highlights.  Use a soft cloth dipped in the bronze metallic paint and rub lightly over the hessian and elevated pieces of rock.   Paint the gecko silver.  

  • To add a finishing touch, wrap the chain around the shaft, between the letters.  Use a strong, thin string through the top and bottom links to fasten the chain to  the spade.

  • Allow to dry for at least 24 hours and then spray the complete project with Tokreen Clear.     

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