Space saver saw - Tokreen

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Space saver saw

We shall publish a step-by-step Tokreen project.
This will give you the opportunity to experiment with the application possibilities of Tokreen.

Project:  Space Saver Saw  


  • Black & Clear Tokreen

  • Old saw

  • Lace or netting

  • Decorations such as seeds, screws, beads, wooden chips, etc

  • Hooks

  • Wooden board/s

  • Acrylic paints: red & green

  • Metallic paints: bronze, copper, gold & silver


  • Start by cleaning the saw and remove all rust and dirt.   

  • Saw:  Paint the saw on both sides with a layer of black Tokreen and allow to dry between switching sides.

  • Saw handle:  Depending on the type of saw handle, you can choose to paint it with Tokreen or leave it as is.  If the saw has a plastic handle that you want to paint, lightly sand it with fine sand paper so that the Tokreen sticks better. If the saw has a wooden handle to can choose to leave it unpainted for a more rustic look.    

  • Once dry, decide which side will be the top side.

  • Cut the lace or netting to fit the blade of the saw.  You can leave a small edge, because once dried, you can easily cut the excess material away with a small, sharp pair of scissors.          

  • Paint the blade with black Tokreen and cover with the material.  Also paint over the material to ensure that it sticks well.  The reason why we use lace or netting is because of the nice effect it has when dry-brushed with one of the metallic paints.

  • Decorate the saw by using all kinds of decorative materials. Use the black Tokreen to paint and attach the decorations to the saw blade.


  • Make little blobs of Tokreen on the surface of the saw and attach the decorations by pressing it down onto the blobs.   

  • Make a soft paste with shredded toilet/tissue paper and Tokreen and use it to "glue" decorations in place.     

  • Allow everything to dry slightly and then give the complete project another layer of Tokreen and allow to dry.

  • Use the acrylic and metallic paints to paint the project as desired.  

  • Use the clear Tokreen to attach the beads and any other decorations of which you want to retain the original colour.

  • Saw a wooden board to fit the dimensions of the saw.  You can either paint the board in the colours of your choice or decorate the board using material and Tokreen.  For our one project, we opted to spray paint the board with silver spray paint. For the other project, we covered the board with golden silk and ribbon which we attached with clear Tokreen.

  • Decide where your hooks will be placed and first drill the holes for the hooks before attaching the decorated saw.

  • Once the hooks have been placed, attach the saw to the board using the Tokreen paste or screw the saw onto the board.

  • The ideal gift for a man, the new neighbours or the new home owners!

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