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The all-in-one bottle solution!
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Tokreen is a versatile, all-in-one glue and hardener.
It has the following characteristics:
·        It does not break or tear and dries completely within 24 hours.
·        It does not soften when painted but retains a leathery or hard texture depending on          the type of material that was used.
·        It can be painted over with acrylic paints and can also be mixed with acrylic paints.
·        It can be diluted with water.
·        It is easy to use and easy to apply.   
·        It is the ultimate recycling tool.
·        It is available in 5 colours and 4 packaging sizes.   
Did you know?
We offer you an E-book "Step by  Step with Tokreen" an instruction booklet with Tips & Trics how to work with Tokreen, included are 8 projects.
Tokreen Product Features
We developed Tokreen stap by stap. After serious test Tokreen was ready and.....the proces gave us a wonderfull product full of good properties. We explain them on the infographic!

Tokreen was "born" in 2004 on a small plot just outside Meyerton. Today Tokreen has grown into a well-known brand name within the arts and crafts business.
Tokreen by Cleo Creations
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