Tokreen - a wonderful product

The all-in-one bottle solution!
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Tokreen is a wonderful product
The all-in-one bottle solution
Once you used it, you're hooked!
Make yourself at home and read all about this wonderful, multidimensional product.

Tokreen is a versatile product that can be used in many creative ways.  It is a glue and hardener all-in-one.
It is ideal for multi-media art projects because it can be used on various materials such as polystyrene, wood, seeds, plaster of paris, tins, textiles and many more.

Tokreen is basically flop-proof and the ultimate recycling tool! Tokreen combined with your own creativity will provide endless possibilities.

Examples of what you can make with Tokreen
All the articles shown on this page have been made by Creative Tokreeners or members of the TOKREEN team.
We hope that the photos will inspire you to create and to have fun with Tokreen!      
Click on a photo to enlarge it.

What people say about Tokreen:

"Ek gebruik al 10 jaar Tokreen! Beste produkt op die mark!!!" Joriena Ferreira
"Fantastic" Dorothy Penn Vieira
"I have just started using it and made my 1st product and loved it!! Think on the 2nd already" Barbara vd Merwe
"Nothing else works like Tokreen" Grietjie Deale
"Tokreen, enige produk onder die son kan omskep word in 'n Masterpiece" Rita Smith
"Die produkt is fantasties om mee te werk. Ek gebruik Tokreen al 8 jaar!" Latitia Bothma
"Gee my die kans om my kuns te wys" Eileen Kessel

Where to buy?
It's possible to get your Tokreen in several ways
You can order it online in our Online Shop.
We have an Store where the homebase of Tokreen is, we do sell Tokreen and other goods, aswell we give Workshops on this premises.
We have opend Pick Up Point for your convenience at some nearby towns.
And.....we have a network of other salespoints throughout the country.

Find out what suits you the best!
Contact Us
If you have any questions of any kind, feel free to contact us!

Tokreen was "born" in 2004 on a small plot just outside Meyerton. Today Tokreen has grown into a well-known brand name within the arts and crafts business.
Tokreen by Cleo Creations
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