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Fancy file

We shall publish a step-by-step Tokreen project.
This will give you the opportunity to experiment with the application possibilities of Tokreen.

Fancy File


  • 500ml Tokreen

  • 1 x old file

  • 3 x silk flowers & leaves

  • Hessian

  • Metallic paint:  Silver & bronze

  • Acrylic spray paint:  Copper

  • Clear lacquer spray


  • If the file is really old and tattered, paint the file on the inside with 2 layers of Tokreen, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next.

  • While the file is drying, paint the silk flowers and leaves with 3 layers of Tokreen and allow to dry between the layers.

  • Paint the file on the outside with a layer of Tokreen and allow to dry.  

  • Dilute 2 parts Tokreen with 1 part water in a plastic bowl and mix well.

  • Although we provide the basic instructions for completing and decorating an old file, the beauty of the project is that you can decorate your file using your own       decorative material and imagination.

  • Open the file on top of the hessian and cut the hessian to size allowing a seam of about 2cm.

  • Paint the file with another layer of Tokreen.

  • Submerge the hessian in the Tokreen mixture, making sure it absorbs the Tokreen optimally. Dry out all excess fluid and cover the file with the hessian while still      wet.    

  • Smooth the hessian over the file for an even texture. Fray the edges of the hessian for an interesting look.

  • Paint with one more layer of Tokreen and leave to dry.

  • Attach the silk flowers and leaves to the file using Tokreen.  Hold the decorations in place for a few minutes until it sets.     

  • Cut a small strip of hessian and fold into a small bow.  Submerge the bow in the diluted Tokreen mixture, dry out all excess fluid and attach to the file.

  • When dry, give the complete article a final layer of Tokreen and allow to dry completely.

  • Cut the hessain frays evenly.

  • Spray the file with the copper spray paint.

  • Use the metallic silver and bronze paints to add  highlights to the flowers and the frays.

  • Spray the file with clear lacquer spray.

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