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Coffee tin pillars

Projects > 2014

Each month we shall publish a step-by-step Tokreen project - one in English and one in Afrikaans.
This will give you the opportunity to experiment with the application possibilities of Tokreen.

January project:  Coffee tin pillars


  • 1 litre black Tokreen

  • 2 x round wooden discs (ø 27cm x 3cm) /

  • 2 x square wooden blocks (20 x 20 x 4cm)  

  • 3 x 750gr empty coffee tins

  • 2 x material/hessian strips (45 x 4cm)

  • 1 x t-shirt material strip (92 x 22cm)

  • Corrugated (ribbed) cardboard

  • 1 x wooden curtain ring (ø 4cm)

  • Silk roses, flowers & leaves

  • Satin black spray paint

  • Metallic paints:  copper, gold & silver

  • Clear lacquer spray

  • Enough river sand to fill 1 coffee tin


  • Paint the wooden discs/blocks and coffee tins completely with a layer of Tokreen and allow to dry.

  • Attach the first coffee tin to the wooden block by painting the bottom of the tin and the top of the block with a thick layer of Tokreen. Press firmly together and then allow to dry.  Fill the tin with river sand.

  • Paint the bottom of the second coffee tin and the rim of the first coffee tin with a thick layer of Tokreen and stick together. Cover the joint by attaching the hessian strip around the tins using Tokreen.

  • Repeat step 3 with the third and second coffee tins, but attach the third coffee tin up side down onto the second coffee tin, i.e. rim on rim.

  • Paint the top of the third coffee tin and the bottom of the wooden block with a thick layer of Tokreen and attach by pressing firmly together.  Allow to dry.

  • Measure the circumference of the tins and cut the cardboard to size allowing for a small seam of about 0,5cm.  

  • Paint the tins and the smooth side of the cardboard and stick together by pressing it firmly for a few minutes.  Tie strings around the cardboard-covered tins to hold the cardboard in position until it sets.  Remove the strings when dry.  Paint the cardboard with Tokreen.

  • Dilute 250ml Tokreen with 125ml water in a plastic bowl and mix well.  Submerge the t-shirt material in the solution and then work it with your hands to ensure optimal absorption.  Wring out all excess fluid.

  • Turn the pillar on its side.  Drape the t-shirt material around the pillar like a shawl, bringing the ends of the material together by pulling it through the curtain ring.  Attach the curtain ring and the ends to the pillar using Tokreen.

  • Paint the silk roses, flowers and leaves with Tokreen and attach to the base of the pillar to finish it off nicely.  Once dry, turn the pillar upside down and also decorate the other side.

  • Paint the whole article with a final layer of Tokreen and allow to dry.

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