Broken pots - Tokreen

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Broken pots


We shall publish a step-by-step Tokreen project.
This will give you the opportunity to experiment with the application possibilities of Tokreen.

Project:  Broken pots


  • 1 litre brown Tokreen

  • Various broken pots - different shapes and sizes

  • Small pebbles

  • Hessian or t-shirt material

  • Rope

  • Metallic paints:  copper, gold & silver

  • Acrylic paints:  dark brown

  • Clear lacquer spray


  • Start by painting the pots that you want to use on the in- and outside with a layer of Tokreen and allow to dry.

  • Turn one of the pots upside down to form the base on which the other pots can be mounted.

  • Paint a thick layer of Tokreen in the middle of the base and also underneath the first pot that you want to attach. Press firmly together.

  • Follow the same procedure for other pots that you want to use in your construction.

  • Cut strips of about 5cm wide from the hessian or t-shirt material and cover each joint by attaching the material strips around the pots using Tokreen. Allow to dry.    

  • When dry, start attaching the pebbles by painting the pot with a thick layer of Tokreen and sticking the pebbles into the Tokreen. The best way to do this is to turn the pot on its side and to cover small pieces at a time. Allow to dry before turning.

  • When dry, paint the base of the pot with Tokreen and cover with hessian or t-shirt material.

  • The edge of the pots can be decorated with rope. Paint the edges with Tokreen and firmly attach the rope.

  • Paint the complete project with a layer of Tokreen and allow to dry.

  • Use the metallic paints to highlight the the pebbles and use the dark brown acrylic paint to add depth.

  • The beauty of working with broken pots is that no creation will be the same.  You can also use all kinds of decorating material to create something new everytime.   


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