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Tokreen was "born" in 2004 on a small plot just outside Meyerton. As with all new-born babies, deciding on a name was the first obstacle to clear. Following tradition it was called after father Tok and mother Claureen with as result: TOKREEN! Today, 15 years later Tokreen has grown into a well-known brand name within the arts and crafts business.

The philosophy behind Tokreen has always been to place a product on the market that will enable people to work with materials that are cheap, readily available and easy to use. Themes such as, "from nothing to something" and "something old, something new" regularly featured in our newsletters and club magazines. And also on this website we feature projects that can be made with everyday articles found in and around the house, the garden and the garage. We encourage you to look at old objects with new eyes, because with Tokreen almost anything is possible!

With Tokreen you can recycle and re-use, from dad's tatty shirts to your smelly shoes. Tins, baskets and pots can be renewed; broken spades, shovels and wheelbarrows rescued.

From now on, don't throw anything away!
Start colecting, don't delay!
Seeds, pods, bark, pebbles and shells, ribbons, buttons, beads and lapels
All can be used to bring out the creative you!
Tokreening is something you should pursue!

Through the years there have been many ups and downs as our "baby" started to grow up. Through Tokreen and all the places it took us, we met wonderfull, talented and creative people. We have been blessed to see beautiful and extraordinary things made with our product.

Unfortunately we have also seen our product copied, falsified and imitated and sold as the original. We absolutely support everybody's freedom of choice to use whatever product on the maket. We do, however strongly oppose falsifications!

Because of the unique features of our product, Tokreen has enabled many people to create beautiful things! And that is what we set out to do right from the beginning - to have an affordable product made by South-Africans for South-Africans to enjoy the art of creating new things.

May you be inspired!     

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